Our Purpose Statement

May 23, 2009

This magazine has been designed to allow you to do your own “pop theology.” It is an attempt to bring theology, the study of God, down to the average person’s level. You can decide for yourself what you believe about God as you interact with the articles.

We will aim to present a neutral chronological telling of God’s story, the unseen God’s interaction with people and people’s interaction with the unseen. We will look at the stories through the eyes of the characters placed in history and geography.

There is no hidden agenda.

We tell the story because it is a story worth telling.

It has captivated the hearts of people through the ages.

This is my first entry

May 23, 2009

This is my first entry of my handy dandy new blog. More to come later. I have one more week of work in a church and then I am free to live my faith in the world. I tried to develop a chit chat, interactional study about three years ago in conjunction with my son and so I am finally getting a blog that will give me a window to the world.