March 6, 2010

I met despair today, just sitting there.
I tried to breath but there was no air.
Her head hung low,
Her speech was slow.
“My friend,” said I
“Despair I spy.
Now look at me
What can it be?”
The church she loves,
It is her boast,
May choose to die.
“Oh my, but why?”
They took a test
They tried their best.
They wanted to know
Their growth is slow.
The diagnosis came back
No life to track.
The end is near.
I won’t bend your ear.
“But can it be, a test can tell
If a church has power to swell?
Does God abandon a work of his?
Does Holy Spirit stop his bizz?
I thought about the crucifixion
Christ stood alone, “crucify” their diction
But no one claims this as defeat.
No one says that God was beat.
The sun still shines and let’s us know,
God will help our trees in spring to grow.
David faced Goliath bold.
If test were given, he’d have no score.
No height, no age, no strength, it’s true.
A test if given would make you blue.
Moses too would not score high.
The Red Sea at back
Pharoah’s army nigh
A test if given, the score would show
No future for those folks of old.
OK, let’s look upon Daniel’s den,
The lions starved, hemmed him in.
Shall we give a survey and check the scene?
Will he live or on to heaven beam?
The facts looked horribly grim.
Was there truly a future for him?
All these cases go to show
A man made test has forgot the glow.
A God who works in horrible places
A God who loves to cure disgraces.
Do not despair my most loved friend,
What ere befalls, you can lean on Him.