Avatar Eyes

July 11, 2010

Wantabee got to do the children’s sermon this morning. The text was the very familiar “Good Samaritan” story where the lawyer asks Jesus how to get to heaven. Jesus responds by asking what the law says. The lawyer correctly replies that one needs to love God and love neighbor as oneself. Correct. All confirmation students know that. So to justify himself, he asks, “Who’s my neighbor?” Sr. Wantabee and the kids contextualized the story so that the congregation would not fall asleep with a very familiar text.

A principal was chosen and given a very big clock. His job was to walk across the front at the apropriate time and say, “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” Next a teacher was chosen and give a big pair of gloves. Her line was, “I wash my hands of this. It is not my responsibility. I’m not on yard duty.” Lastly the students were to be at a pep ralley because the Minnesota Viking were to play the Green Bay Packers (arch enemies!). Viking reps were given red pieces of paper as their colors are maroon and gold. The other side of the room was given green paper for the Packers. The boy to receive the first piece grimaced and totally drooped to think that he would have to represent the Packers as he was a loyal Vikings fan. (The point was made right there!)

A young Vikings fan was walking to a pep ralley when a neighborhood bulley jumped out of the bushes and grabbed her cell phone, her ipod, her bus pass, her lunch money…everything…roughed her up and ran. Our sheroe lay in the middle of the isle, sobbing, a victim of identity theft with out even ear phones to listen to music.

The principal walked past chanting “I’m late…” The teacher with gloves walked past chanting “I wash my hands of this.” Next came the Green Bay Packers fan, looked at the girl sobbing in the isle, “Oh my gosh, you’re hurt. Let me help you to the nurse’s office.”

Jesus’ question was, “Which person in this story saw the girl with Avatar eyes?” The bulley saw the girl as a source of resources – cell phone, ipod etc. The principal saw the girl as an interruption to his agenda. The teacher saw the girl as not her responsibility. Only the scorned Packer fan saw the girl as a fellow human needing help. Only the Packer could say, “I see you!” The others looked but did not see. Jesus sees us, how will we look at others this week? Will we see them?