April 19, 2010

Sr. Wantabee got to give devotions on the memory care unit this morning. The Bible text for Sunday was John 21 where the disciples return to fishing after the resurrection and yet again catch nothing after fishing all night. Jesus yells from the shore to toss the nets to the other side and in swim 153 “big fish.” That is a genuine Minnesota story as we love fishing up here and the men were deeply engaged.

One of the disciples realizes that this has happened before and says, it must be Jesus. Ever eager Peter jumps in the water in his underwear (chuckle, chuckle) and swims to shore where Jesus is fixing him a breakfast of fish over the fire. Our mouths watered at the thought. Sr. Wantabee wished she would have thought to have the little ole people sing a breakfast prayer!

Breakfast comes from “break” the “fast” of not having eaten since six p.m. the night before. She had just learned from the teacher from the Univ. of MN that breakfast is the most important meal cause it starts the day right and provides energy to work and fight disearse. A good breakfast helps prevent diabetes and fatness! Ooops, Sr. Wantabee has diabetes and is fat and eats breakfast every morning. All laughed. But it is very true that when we are tired and hungry we get grumpy and out of sorts. We need food. Jesus fed the poor disciples fed who had worked all night and who were probably discouraged from the appearing and disappearing he was doing.

But Jesus did not just feed their bodies, he knew that Peter was carrying a load of guilt for denying Jesus and so he fed his soul. Jesus asked Peter three times if Peter loved Jesus, reminding Peter of the three times he denied Christ, but rather than reprimand him, he told Peter to “feed his sheep.”

Sr. Wantabee reflected that when she fasts from reading the Word, she gets more tired and grumpy and guilty and when she breaks the fast, energy and joy always returns. He is always waiting with a fish fry. What a fun thought.