July 5, 2010

Anyone who knows Sr. Wantabee, knows that one of her favorite movies is “Fiddler On the Roof” and the opening scene where the father sings, “Tradition.” Traditions are what holds society together, “Traditions tell us who we are and what God expects of us!” July 4th is one of those big traditions for Americans.

Flying to California three weeks ago, the United airlines was already running an informative clip on the traditions around 4th of July, and where fireworks came from. Sure enough, last night, even as she and her husband debated if the big fireworks would be on the holiday Monday or on the actual day, Sunday, the firecrackers in the neighborhood starting booming and shooting into the air. The TV had to be turned up to volume 45 to override the background noise. People were on the street, parties were being held and her husband even met the new neighbors and came home with a sparkler!

Sr. Wantabee and her daughter had a driving lesson going to Target and Cub, the food chain here. Black berries were on sale for $.50 a box!!! Watermelons went from $5 to $1.99! Hamburger buns were on sale. At Target, “Independence Day” was bought for $7.99 as it was on sale and that family tradition was organized.

They returned home and together made a berry pie from scratch, her first ever but the crust was actually tender. After bar-b-que chicken, veggies and pie, they settled down for the DVD. By midnight the world had yet again been saved from aliens by the wonderful Americans. Even in the absence of many family members, the traditions bought fond memories of former days. Culture was satisfied and they retired to bed full.

The second half of tradition, though, is telling us what God expects of us. Does God expect wars in the name of freedom and indulence in foods that might have otherwise been bought? Hummm, probably not. But God would want community, loving one’s neighbors, and laying down one’s life for one’s friend and faith. Perhaps those traditions did serve their purpose! And at least we are safe from aliens though not united in our world.