March 1, 2010

Friday evening Sr Wantabee visited a dinner theatre and saw an outstanding production of the musical Footloose. Fantastic music, dancing and story line. Single mom with high school son move from Chicago, hipsville, to nowheresville–a perfect setting for culture shock, not unsimilar to Sr. Wantabee moving from Los Angeles to the bush of Africa. In the town, an accident had occurred four years previously resulting in the death of four youth, one being the son of the pastor. The town has set up all sorts of rules like “no dancing” to protect their youth from accident and the pains of life. Of course the youth are frustrated, the adults legalistic, as in walks our hip hero from Chicago, ready to “push the envelope.” Our hero falls for the pastor’s daughter who is rebelling also and together they challenge the system to let their feet loose to dance. Read the rest of this entry »

This is my first entry

May 23, 2009

This is my first entry of my handy dandy new blog. More to come later. I have one more week of work in a church and then I am free to live my faith in the world. I tried to develop a chit chat, interactional study about three years ago in conjunction with my son and so I am finally getting a blog that will give me a window to the world.