The Science Man

February 25, 2010

I met a man today.
It was in his bed he lay.

“Science explains the facts,”
said he, as he lay upon his back.
I look for what a man might see.
“No spirit world does impact me!”

Are you really then an Agnostic by name?
Is that the way you play life’s game?
You look upon a world torn by strife
Think that man can live a good life?

“For sure,” he said, “I hang my head.

Man left to self, lives in the red!”

You look about the age I am.
I thought that Star Trek was oh so grand.
Life forms that live in other ways
On other plants far from our craze.
I saw one episode based on nitrogen,
These rock people could not swim.
And yet they loved their little ones,
And fought to save them from the guns.
So cute, so sweet,
and yet a life form we do not meet.
Could God be a bit like that,
A form of life, not a word we pull from our hat?

The man was not oh so impressed
He turned and said he felt distress
“My wife of 41 years, you see,
Had a stroke and recovered miraculously.”
He did give it a thought or two
“What would I do if that were not true?”

Sr. Wantabee looked at him
And said, through trying not to grin.
41 years of relationship
That is something not to rip.
And yet you see not the love that comes.
You see not the relationship forms.
It’s there and in between
Just like God who is not seen.
She turned and left him with a grin.
Perhaps she’ll never speak to him.
But deep inside she knew the truth.
God is here, not on the roof!