English Majors Go To Radio To Play

May 31, 2010

Sr. Wantabee was listening to Garrison Keeler Saturday evening as she got ready for the family dinner. He is quite famous here in the midwest for his love of Lake Woebegone and the loving way he pokes fun at Lutherans. He did a portion of of his program where he listed a huge list of complicated words like “exhaustion,” and then the sound man would make a sound like the word. He must have listed at least 15 words, the majority of which I knew but would have been challenged to match with a sound. As a member of the “listening audience” I was thoroughly entertained. Then he said in his rambly sort of way, some comment that ended with something like , “radio, that’s where English majors go to play!” Aplause, aplause, aplause!!!

Sr. Wantabee reflected on the cleverness of the statement. People who love language and putting it together, can “play” with language on radio. Great. She wondered, where do theologians go to “play?” Where do we go to let down our hair, laugh at ourselves, and just have fun? She did not like the feeling of being so serious. Certainly she had heard jokes about God laughing…after all he made me! or the beloved picture of Christ holding the children and refusing the disciples seriousness. Surely he must have been a fun person for people do just follow seriousness, dry boring sermons, rules, rules, rules. No, theologians must play and have fun, but where?