He Made Me Feel Beautiful

May 20, 2011

Sr. Wantabee had her last day at the hospital for awhile yesterday. She had one request for a chaplain. A lady with some sort of joint problem, operation, and now sitting in a wheel chair was wanting to talk. Her story touched Sr. Wantabee’s heart. She, at age 56, had been married 8 years. She had two step children and a son whom she had at age 29 and raised with the aid of her parents. She met her now husband on-line when such things were first coming in and finally summoned the courage to fly to our city to meet him. You see, she was 300 pounds at that time. He had been widowed after 17 years of marriage and left with two children. It was ‘love at first sight.” And then she reflected and said “He made me feel beautiful.”

Lord, may all the encounters I have make the other feel beautiful! Amen.