Post Script

May 20, 2010

Sr. Wantabee was at the hospital today. A patient was about to enter a gruelling ten hour surgery to have his whole back realigned – or it sounded that way to her. The surgery was to be in 45 minutes so she thought she’d drop by and offer a prayer.

Much of the family was gathered, spouse, daughter, parents, sister-in-law, and the patient was teary. The spouse offered to read Psalm 23. Sr. Wantabee immediately flashed on finishing her last talk with the old folks with Psalm 23. In a brief two minute recap of her talk at the Homes she shared of how she had been blessed to realize that Sunday, Pentecost, is not so much about speaking in tongues or about a correct understanding of the Trinity but about the fulfillment of a promise by a faithful God who is always with us, even when we go through surgery. He doesn’t wait at the door or watch from the sky but is there with the patient and guiding the surgeon’s hands.

We prayed and she left a patient smiling, speaking more confidently, and with a verse to focus on during the surgery.

Sr. Wantabee wondered as she left at how she had been blessed preparing the talk, blessed delivering the talk, and tripply blessed today being able to comfort a person headed to surgery. WOW!