Sr Hulda

February 8, 2010

On Aug. 14, 2005 Sister Hulda celebrated her 50th year of consecration at Augustana Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN, with Sr. Ginger, Sr. Noreen, and Sr. Anne present to bring greetings from the Deaconess Community of the ELCA. In August 2006, I joined the staff of Augustana Lutheran church and heard about Sr. Hulda, the last remaining Deaconess in the Augustana Homes. I am now doing my internship in the Homes as Sr. Barbara.

Sister Hulda E. Simenson was born April 9, 1920, in Duluth, Minnesota to Joseph and Ellen (Thompson) Pfister but her mother died soon after and she was adopted by Edmund and Tora (Thompson) Simenson, her mother’s sister I am thinking. She was baptized at her mother’s bedside, confirmed in Mt. Morris Lutheran Church in Wantoma, WI in 1934, attended Waishara Normal School and then Lutheran Bible Institute in Minneapolis, graduating in 1943. For the young people reading, that is before Mona Lisa Smiles!

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