I Saw Love Yesterday

February 20, 2010

Sr. Wantabee was wheeling two wheel chairs with elders around the corner from the auditorium to the elevator to return them to their rooms. As she rounded the corner she saw a woman, perhaps 85 years old, sitting on a couch. She was a typical little ole lady with curly, permed hair, overweight face with deep set eyes and a rolly polly body. In a wheel chair next to her sat the little old man from the nursing Home.

He was memorable because his hands were frozen in an eternal fist. He weighs perhaps 300 lbs but faithfully attends church. Of course it is necessary to ask him if he wants a bulletin and he always says no because he cannot hold it. She was not sure he could even read but surely he must.

As Sr. Wantabee rounded the corner, he reached out his frozen fist to touch her hand. “Do you still love me?” she asked. “Of course I do,” he gently replied. “Why would I stop loving you?” She giggled and responded, “Well, I talk too much.” He held her hand in his frozen fist, smiled into her eyes with his toothless smile and said, “I will always love you.” She beamed her love back to him.