May 27, 2010

Sr. Wantabee was at the hospital again today visiting and found another person with her name! Her tale quickly unfolded that this was the fourth operation this year, one on her back and three on her ankle. Her father had died in the time also after a marriage of 65 years and her husband, actually her second one, has two forms of stage four cancer and is expected to pass within three or four months after her return home. Tragedy upon tragedy this last year. Now there would be no more anniversaries, no more birthday parties, no more celebrations for those loved ones that demand the family gather. How would she be able to handle the loneliness with just her two dogs? Yes she had survived divorce but her kids were young and kept her moving. Now they were grown and out of the house, but did visit and her mother also was a faithful listener but that was not comfort in the grief and anticipated loss. Grief overload!! Sr. Wantabee reflected that it is small comfort to know one has survived a similar event before. Knowing the other will be out of pain is a comfort of sorts. But still the question of how life will again become meaningful and warm hangs in the air and the need for a hug remains. As she prayed her mind returned to the cross and the cry of anguish of a God facing death and separation. Christ did not cry out for joy at the reward set before him and deny the agony he was going through. He too cried out in anguish in the face of death, it’s grief, and potential separation. Our God understands and does not pretend it is easy.