He Died

June 1, 2010

About a week ago Sr. Wantabee visited a patient right before he was headed to ten hours of surgery. It was a very poignant moment as the wife offered to read the 23rd Psalm, the daughter cried, the parents bowed their head and Sr. Wantabee shared of the presence of the Holy Spirit that would be celebrated Sunday. The fulfillment of a promise by God given long ago in the Old Testament, fulfilled on Pentecost, and true today that the Holy Spirit does not leave us but walks with us during the shadow times. She had just shared Psalm 23 with her little ole people and it was true for this patient too. We prayed, he cried and beamed and thanked me for the encouragment. After the surgery, he lingered in intensive care for a week and was thought to be improving. One evening last week, late at night, he got quite anxious and started having trouble breathing. He said, “I’m going to die!” coded and was passed. Sr. Wantabee’s friend was called to be the chaplain to give comfort to the shocked and distraught family.

A young father in his 50s with a loving wife and teenage daughter. Sr. Wantabee grieved today and thanked the Holy Spirit for its presence and comfort but she felt very sad.