Bed 22 Update

Bed 22 taught me appreciation for life. Yesterday he passed. Today the unit was different.Dino was there looking to talk along with Jane who I haven’t told you about and many others but life was different. I didn’t walk down the hall. I stayed in the main area chatting with people.

Bed 22 not only reflected on his hard life with appreciation and suddenly hummed parts of tunes like “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder” in the middle of a conversation, he was appreciative for the opportunities in his street life to walk into a Catholic church and drop $5 in the box. “Pretty nice, huh?” he’d say.

A woman took him in later in life and loved him. I am unclear on whether they were married or not and I think that is my hang up because I don’t think those were issues for them. But she got him going back to church and he loved her. The greatest honor in his life was walking with her the 15 years that cancer slowly ate away her body.

Yes, I learned appreciation from bed 22 and I am appreciative that I knew him. He was a blessing to me.

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