Medal/Metal of Honor

A little lady with redish hair and painted eyebrows beamed up at Sr. Wantabee as she entered the room. “May I enter?” Of course she replied. It is late afternoon, the day is long, and a change of pace is welcome. “I see you have a fractured hip. You fell?” Oh no, she shared. Her right knee has been replaced twice, her left knee once, and then her hip last Fall but then something happened and it just broke. “Oh my, the airport system will start beeping, just seeing you coming?” We laughed.

Gradually her story came out. After working as a secretary/dental assistant for 35 years she retired early and they bought 100 acres north of the city and it had a log cabin. Her husband had hoped to restore it but ended up selling it but her three kids and six grandkids loved coming to the homestead to ski, hunt, resort. Her husband, five years older than she, was a carpenter and loved the challenge of building their dream house with bedrooms upstairs. Their small town church provided community and they are happy.

At 71 she will have been married 50 years in October. She commented, “I deserve a medal of honor don’t I!” Sr. Wantabee replied, “Heavens, no, then you’d really set off the airport machines. Go for something nonmetalic.” We had another good laugh.

Driving home Sr. Wantabee reflected on how odd it is that our security systems can identify metal but not medal. The machine that finds the bad guys also pin points the good guys who have served our society and their family. It is hard to tell the difference between “saint” and “sinner” and often we misjudge by appearances.

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