Competition: Good or Bad?

Sr. Wantabee was on the memory challenged unit today and dropped in to see Joan who had not been at the devotional. She was lying on her bed, waking from a morning nap and invited Sr. Wantabee to sit on the edge of the bed. “I missed you at Chaplain’s Corner,” said Sister. Oh, that’s a bunch of bunk, said Joan. “You don’t follow any faith tradition?” she asked. “I was baptized Presbyterian but I don’t believe any of that,” said Joan. “Did Jesus really live?” she continued to ask.

Well, I think so. He is recorded as a real historical figure and several faiths discuss him. Muslims believe he did not die on the cross but was replaced by a substitute but Christians believe he died for sins. I suppose it is possible to question what that means. Was he appeasing an angry God because of our sinfulness or was he, God coming to earth to communication that in-spite of the separation he will be with us even through death,” commented Sr. Wantabee, trying not to sound too judgmental and trying to leave the door open for Joan to share what she thinks about the separation between God and man.

“I agree that we are separated and all that but just because of a beautiful sunset or trees growing, doesn’t mean there is a God,” rebutted Joan. Trying a new angle, Sister Wantabee gently asked, “You and I have more years behind us than before us. What do you think happens?” “Poooffff,” replied Joan. “You don’t believe you are going to pick daisies do you. That’s boring.” Sister Wantabee had to think. Joan had shared that she like sports. “If I could be sure that death is ‘pooooffff’ but most religions talk of an up or down experience or reincarnation or some afterlife. I don’t know of really that truly support a ‘pooofff’ proof. I rather think it will be like Narnia,” shared Sr. Wantabee. Joan had never heard of Narnia. “It will be meaningful life.”

Joan again rejoined, “Picking daisies is boring!” “Well maybe if you did it all the time but how about a basketball game. They aren’t boring and if no one gets hurt, no tears, no exhaustion. Wouldn’t that be fun?” Joan thought about it for a second and answered. “I don’t believe.” Sr. Wantabee thanked her for her honesty and left saying, “Perhaps you don’t believe in God but he believes in you and I am here to let you know he loves you. See you on Wednesday.”

Basketball in heaven. Now there is a thought. A smile came to her face thinking of all the games she has watched with her children playing. Is it possible to just being playing without becoming angry or feeling lose of self worth for loosing. She sure hoped so because the idea of playing basketball in heaven tickled her fancy – maybe she would be able to make a three pointer. Imagine that! And she did.

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