Death is Never Easy

Sr. Wantabee was at the hospital Tuesday and called to a room to assist a family where the father was dying. He had a terminal disease for 15 years, had an operation, infection set in and he realized it was the end as did the family that had gathered to walk him through the valley of the shadow of death. Could Sr. Wantabee go and comfort the family? Upon entry, it became obvious that the patient was not in a coma, but was struggling with the breathing process and trying to cough up the gunk that kept forming in the chest. The family was standing by letting their presence be known, holding the hot hand, encouraging him to cough, and generally caring. Recovery was not truly an option but death did not seem that evident either. The family was trying to organize transport to take the patient home and have hospice. Sister Wantabee looked at the scruffy faced patient and the loving people standing around and realized what a miracle life is and that the stranger on the street has a constellation of caring people around them. The interconnectedness of life and the hole death leaves. As the disease claimed the patient’s strength, he could still cast a line and another, who could not cast, but could reel in a fish, would do that. The memories and love flowed. There are many things Sr. Wantabee cannot do but others come along and finish the job. The holes left in our social circles can never be filled, only appreciated. She cried going home.

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