Theologians Go To Sunday School

Sr. Wantabee is still reflecting on where theologians play if English majors play on radio and the thought occured to her that theologians play in Sunday School. We are able to step into another world of adventure, magical interrelating of the seen and unseen world, and hope. We pull out scissors and paper, puppets, and plays. We sing songs and dance dances and are free to ask questions and plumb the depths of reason. As a youth teaching vacation Bible school, Sr. Wantabee was asked by a 5th grader, “Why did God make us with hands on our shoulders and legs to stand on and not the other way around?” Wouldn’t we all look funny walking on our hands? Yes, Sr. Wantabee, reflected. Theologians do have fun and that is probably why she loves the classroom as much as the sanctuary!

In two weeks she will have an opportunity to share in the sermon at her church. It is the story of Jesus being invited to eat at the home of a stuffy Pharasee who forgets to even offer to wash his feet while a woman of the streets interrupts the party by crying over his feet and drying them with her hair. The person who has been forgiven much, loves much. Sr. Wantabee is going to call the children forward to act out the story three demensionally and end with singing, His Banner Over Me is Love. Then on Monday she gets to act out the story on the Memory Care Unit. That will be fun because just like children, little ole “people say the darndest things.”

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