ID for Sparklers

Sr. Wantabee just went to Target with her daughter who was anxious to practice driving now that she has her learner’s permit and she, the daughter, had to cruise the $1 isle for this and that for camp on Monday. Sr. Wantabee survived the experience and entered Target to see the $1 stuff and there was a box of Sparlers for $2. Have we outgrown them or not, thought she. Ah, for $2 I’ll invest, she decided. On checking out the lady asked for her ID and ran her driver’s liscense through the register! Needless to say Sr. Wantabee had never been carded for sparklers. Carded for alcohol, yes. How ironic that she would be carded for sparklers but not for R rated videos, not for food that threatens her diabetes, not for sugars that threaten her weight. We live in a funny world to be sure!

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