The Power of Greetings

Sr. Wantabee has inherited two dogs from her son “to babysit.” One is a short legged, docked tailed rat terrier that treats everyone on the street as a potential stranger or thief. He barks! The second is a half great dane and half boxer young guy with an Avatar tail. He whips that tail back and forth, slaming it from one door post to the other without seemingly wincing. A stranger walks by and he woofs with enunciation on the end of the woooofffff in a deep bass voice. Yesterday these two characters were joined by a third, our friend’d boxer needed babysitting for the weekend. This poor guy has ears that both point left, droopy eyes, docked tail, and a bark that requires the whole front of his body to leave the ground before the woof can escape. His looks do not slow him down in greeting you. He does not know he is ugly or scary. The three make a formidable greeting team. It is not possible to walk into the house without the greeting of the three. What would happen if we greeted each other as frequently and as affectionately as the dogs greets Sr. Wantabee?

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