Sr. Wantabee has been off line for several weeks because her life has been too busy to process. In the midst of the flurry of life, she was sent to Alaska to shadow a fellow “sister” in a little fishing village. What a wonderful experience.
As they chatted Sr. Wantabee shared that each summer as a youth, her family would plan to join relatives up North and “the clan” would go to the ocean for a week, which involved fishing. As a young adult, the family shifted to Vancouver Island as their place of fishing for “the big salmon.”
During the year Sr. Wantabee would walk with her father up to Sears at night and they would “chew” the previous vacation, which route to take this year, what would be needed and plan for that magical week at the ocean. Now, that day, Sr. Wantabee was living on a fishing boat, watching ministry happen in a small remote town in Alaska that could only be flown into. Ecstacy!
The other sister shared that their family vacation consisted of the family sitting down with a map of a province in Canada, all closing their eyes and putting their finger on any spot. they would pick the town and find a road that led from that town to nowhere and then when vacation time came, they hooked up the trailer to their car and drove to “the end of the road” to see what was there. One time there was a lake a little ferry. When she was given the job in Alaska, her father visited, gave her two thumbs up and said, “You have reached the end of the road! Well done.” When she moved further remote to the fishing village that can only be reached by plane, he visited again and said, “You have gone beyond the end of the road!”
Today Sr. Wantabee knows her goal but chews what happened and how to get there. The other sister loves to hike into the wilderness to the top of a mountain and see what is beyond the peak. Upon returning home, Sr. Wantabee realized how true this little story is for how she functions in life. She wants a goal. Then she chews how to get there, doing it a little differently each time. visiting Alaska was a dream come true but she is already chewing on how to return. How did your family organize vacations?

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