Sr. Wantabee thought she understood sadness until the last two weeks when she has sat with young couples at the death of their unborn babies.

One couple the baby was perfectly formed but infection took her before she met the parents. They held that little baby all day and had a naming ceremony before the body had to be given up. The grief in the room left my chest constricted and coughing.

Yesterday it was a 32 week hope that stopped moving and the C-section was done. The baby did not survive. The parents held the little malformed being to their chest and sobbed.

Both couples were from Africa, as was Sr. Wantbee and a deep connection was made. They talked of their dreams. For the father, he was going to play soccer with his twins. For the mother, she was pondering how to carry them across borders. Smashed dreams for the father and mother. The next couple had experienced several miscarriages early but this one they had so hoped would fulfill their dreams. They were from Kenya and we went to the Lord in Swahili.

I could not help but think of the song stanza, “The hopes and dreams of all the world are met in thee tonight.” there are no words for the sadness of the child who does not see light. Thank God it will not always be so.

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