The Past

“The past does hurt, but the way I see it, you either learn from it or run from it,” says Rafiki in Lion King. This is one of Sr. Wantabee’s favorite lines. She met a patient this week who was turning 90 years old, a darling little ole person. The woman shared of her fifty year marriage to a marveleous man she met on the dance floor and who helped her raised her son and their four grandchildren. She had worked faithfully in three or four companies but now was struggling with a body that is beginning to give out. As the story unfolded there was mention of an earlier marriage. In fact the first short marriage that produced the son, kept circling through the conversation. She finally shared that her first husband’s mother was of a different country and that he was actually a wrestler. Sr. Wantabee thought it funny that the past was so present and looked at the patient, “Did he beat you?” The woman teared, “Not really but he did slap me in the face and across the ear.” She left the man to protect herself and her son back in an age when divorce and single parenthood marked a woman. But in God’s grace, she met a wonderful man who enfolded her and her son in his love and honored her faith and family. Yet, now, over 55 years later, the tears still flow. The past does hurt and forgiveness is hard to believe all the time. Perhaps that is why there needs to be a cross to remind us symbolically of God’s love.

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