Spiritual Vitamin for March 30th from Proverbs 30. Prov. 30 is such a delightful chapter at the end of the month, the 30th. I cannot help but add to the three things that are never satisfied (v.15b-16) — the grave, the barren womb, dry land that needs water, and fire — our modern dilemma: the virus. As I read the news and look at articles, the future is grim and I best be prepared to die. The virus is not only killing people world wide, it is overwhelming health workers, and impacting the way of thinking and relating of young people. I am fascinated as a sociologist. But I also notice other changes going on. Music cannot be squelched either. All sorts of clever musical groups are posting on FB: virtual choirs, mimes, rewriting old favorites with Covid-19 lyrics. I have laughed and laughed. An orchestra sits in the trunks of their cars, six feet apart, in a park and plays a symphony. Music is never satisfied. Laughter in the face of drama is always welcome. But I have also noticed when I get out to the grocery store, couples taking walks together and strolling down the aisle shopping but the impression is they are on a date! The friendly communication, even at a distance proves that love is never satisfied either and must find an expression. As we go about today, listening to the news about the ravages of disease, let us also look to our Lord who never ceases to love, to create, and to draw us into relationship.

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