Almost There

Today is April 15, halfway through April. We are “almost there” to the beginning of May … and… some form of let up from sheltering? Warm days? Never catching the virus? We’re almost there. Isn’t there a song like that? I first looked up “Half Way There” and found a tune by Rush Time talking about being half way to worldly wealth and happiness. Nope, a bit modern. Next I looked up “Almost There” and found my familiar tune by Andy Williams. As he crooned and memories shot through my mind of young adulthood, pictures flipped past of Andy aging, handsomely I might add. Reality of the “no longer” aspects of life tempted me to dismiss the wonderful memories. Almost there.

Today we live in the shadow of the cross, awareness of our forgiveness, memories of the wonderful Gospel stories of Jesus healing the sick, welcoming children, walking on water and calming storms of life but in truth we are halfway there, or almost there depending on our age. The river Jordon and recovery from Covid-19 are in front. Memories are behind.

My little calendar quotes John 14:1-3. Jesus has gone before me to prepare a place for me and will return to take me to be with him. I’m almost there. I cannot go back and the future has some serious challenges. Almost there. Prov. 15:13 has been made into a song also, “A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.” As we face the challenges of the day, may the tunes that encourage you dwell richly in your heart and the promises of God’s presence dwell richly in your soul. May a friend call and remind you that you are not alone on this journey of life. We are halfway through the month. We are almost there to our goals. We are accompanied by friends and strengthened by God.

At noon, I will post a virtual Bible Study starting the book of Daniel, a young man caught in political chaos, captivity in a foreign country, and trying to live with integrity with his faith. Welcome!

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