Music. Last night I joined a zoom meeting of women discussing the book Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren. The “get to know you” challenge was to share some family tradition that has passed into your family. Wow, strong memories rose as I grew up before TV was the constant companion, backyards had no fences, and entertainment was generated from within, perhaps expressing the soul’s delight. Hearing my parents call, “Coffee Girl,” in the morning and I would take a cup of coffee to them as they sat reading together before the day began, laid the foundation for my morning cup of coffee? Evenings spent on the back porch sharing. One woman realized that she knew my oldest son who is sooooo musical and good with kids. I shared of evenings in Kenya without TV or electricity even, sitting in the living room with our five kids and them pulling out their musical instruments and us having a family sing time. Memories bring tears and blessings.

This morning I happened on this YouTube link, , “Evolution of Gospel Music.” I knew all the songs!!! I resonated deeply with the 1969 song, It Only Takes a Spark. That must have deeply impressed me. Today is the 29th and sure enough, Proverbs 29:6 shares, “An evil man is snared by his own sin, but a righteous one can sing and be glad.” I pray you can figure out how to play this link. Music that covers 1500 years in 7 minutes! May a song stay in your mind and encourage you today.

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