What are you storing?

Proverbs 2:1 starts with, “My son (daughter), if you accept my words and store up my commands within you,… v.5 then….” The word “store up” jumped out at me. Certainly during this time of “sheltering” I have had time to work on all my “stored up” projects, watch all the TV shows I’ve “stored” in the back of my mind to watch later, and certainly opportunity to cook all the bread recipes “stored up” in my mind from life in Africa. Yesterday I worked on my sermon, struggling with the image of the Good Shepherd as the “door” or gate in John 10. How do I put together “good” and suffering? Likewise I had two conversations where friends remembered back to my or their youth, ie very young, and made extensive comments on the repercussions from these traumatic memories on their life today. I pondered how long we carry these “stored up” memories that continue to hurt or at least help us explain our disappointments today. Proverbs speaks to me today, challenging me about what I “store up” as I enter and exit each day the gate, Jesus, anticipating green pastures but sometimes meeting the wolf or the bear on the path. Am I storing His promises of presence, of protection, of guidance? Or am I storing memories of the failures of other sheep in His pasture? Psalm 23 is the accompanying psalm for tomorrow and makes me think of “my rod and my staff comfort you,” beating up the bad guys that seek to defeat me? Finding the sores buried in my wool? Tapping on my rump to encourage me to shift direction? Lord, today may I “store up” your commands and memories of your work in my life rather than ruminate on my failures. Blessings on your day!

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