Sunshine and Shadows

Today is the first day of “Sheltering, Phase 2.” Judging from traffic, I am guessing it started last week. For those of us “over 65 with underlying health conditions,” it makes little difference – perhaps more temptations to go out! Proverbs 4 (May 4) starts with the word, “Listen.” The calendar has advice from Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf from childhood, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.” Where are my ears and eyes pointed today? Am I listening to others who have the freedom to travel and perhaps visit or am I listening to the sound of the robin and cardinal in my yard and the cell phone in my hand? Am I watching the statistics on the news of the deaths and the confusing reports on the state of our world or am I facing the sun, Son? Helen Keller could not see or hear and so the position of the sun was probably a very orienting experience. Perhaps on good days she felt the warmth of the rays on her face. But rainy days require a back up strategy…for sheltering. She had no cell phone but she had friends. She may not have had a TV but she had prayer. As today starts, it may look brighter because of less restrictions or it may look like “same ole, same ole,” but may it start with listening to God through His word, through music, through a friend. Let us keep our face to the sunshine and may we not be scared by the shadows. Blessings.

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