Calendar wisdom: “Yielding to the will of God is not bondage-it is blessing.” Hmmm. It seems to me should focus on “yielding” and “blessing” a a challenge rather than trying to figure out “the will of God” in a situation. I talked with my high school friend Saturday. We were Mutt and Jeff. Her goal was to weigh 100 pounds so we shopped in the garment section downtown LA to find sizes small enough for her! When she was pregnant with her first child she reached her goal and we celebrated. Saturday we cried together. Her husband died after a five-year battle with ALS. She, a Director of Nursing, could not longer minister to her husband due to Covid-19. She stood on the other side of the window, one blink meant no and two blinks meant yes. The visitation is today. Of their vast family system in the town, not to mention friendship circle, they must choose ten representatives to view. Tomorrow they will go to the cemetery and she must watch the burial from the car. I cried. As I read the saying today, I cannot reconcile isolation with the communal nature of God and communal nature of people with “the will of God” . But, I can see that yielding to the realities that surround these days and focusing her heart and being on the blessings of their marriage, the vast family and supportive friends network she has, will indeed carry her through these days. She knows her husband is with the Lord and no longer suffering and hopefully, when it is safe, they will plan a memorial that will honor his life and the Lord they both love. May we not confuse some of the very difficult and seemingly unjust circumstances we find ourselves in with God’s will. May we focus on blessings as we work with systems for a better world. Blessings as you navigate your challenges today.

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