Two quotes tie together today as we start another new week. “He who plants a garden works hand in hand with God. (Malloch) And, “As the blossom cannot tell what becomes of its fragrance so no one can tell what becomes of his influence. (Unknown) Make me aware, Lord, that today never returns. May the sweet fragrance of Your loving kindness follow me through this day. Amen.” For various reasons, we may not be able to work in Bethany Community Gardens that reaches out to many. The Gardens are a valued ministry of Bethany but each person is a flower however loosely connected to Bethany and our lives are multiple gardens with all sorts of variety of flowers, talents, seen and unseen, affirmed and unrecognized but of great value to God. We have no idea of the ripple effect of our lives but my prayer today is that we will be a sweet fragrance spreading not viruses of gossip and jealousy but the fragrance of forgiveness and patience – the grace we all receive from the Master Gardener. You are his valued work! Blessings!

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