A Knife to the Throat

Chapter 23 of Proverbs has many delightful images and I suspect a lot of sly humor. It starts with a person given to gluttony, putting a knife to the throat when invited to the White House to dine. Can you imagine how many secret service men would jump to attention seeing a guest with a knife? I doubt the man would ever taste the food. Next we are advised in verse four to not lust after riches, “Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.” Did he know about the stock markets of the world and the deep concerns about their daily rise and fall? Again, deep want precedes deep folly and poor decisions. These images we know. Actually I did get invited to State House, the President’s official house for entertaining in Nairobi. A letter arrived with blue stripes across the corner and I asked my husband what it meant, a letter from State House? It was an invitation to eat. My first question was, “What do you wear to eat at State House? Next question, “Can we drive to State House in our rattle-trap car?” My husband was working in the bishop’s office and we were invited and went. There were tables loaded with sodas. I did not have to pull out a knife. Today I hear the news comparing our lives to times similar to the Great Depression. Perhaps these verses challenge us to look at what we have instead of what we don’t have and count our blessings and govern our wants. Jesus said he came to give us life, life abundant. What a comfort that in his presence we will not have to worry about putting a knife to our throat nor anticipate our wealth sprouting wings and flying away! We will all face the battle between want-need-have today in some form. Perhaps it will not be food or finance but for sure the challenge will be there. May we meet it with hearts of gratitude as we celebrate this Memorial Day Weekend and find other ways to honor our Speedway heritage. Blessings.

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