Three Men Working

Calendar thought for today, “’What are you doing?’ a man asked of three laborers beside a building under construction. The first man replied, ‘Puttin’ in time until a better job comes along.’ The second smiled, ‘Stone-cutting.’ The third man waited a moment and then said simply, ‘I’m building a cathedral!’ Father, help me remember that each day I’m not just walking through life, but preparing for eternity. Amen. (author unknown)”

The day after a holiday is always a return to normal routine. There is no special food or special movies or family phone calls. Perhaps that little voice in the back of your mind asks the question, “Are you essential?” This little story challenges me to ponder where I am focusing. If I focus on self, certainly aging clouds my vision and it is tempting to think I am just putting in time til eternity. If I focus on others, the tasks of life, I suspect I evaluate myself by my contribution to communal needs. If I focus on God, I am part of his plan to build a kingdom for eternity. Perhaps my part is to be faithful through the ordinary work days as well as rejoice during days of celebration. Often my Kenyan friends would start church, “Many longed to see today and did not, so let us come to the Lord.” May we be faithful today as we wait, as we cut, and as we help build!


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