A little ship on high seas

Combining Calendar wisdom and Proverbs 30 today, I stretched my imagination. “By the work one knows the workman. (La Fontaine) Father, please work Your will in my life so that others will see You as the Workman. Amen. (unknown)” from the calendar and Prov. 30:18,19 reflecting on three things the writer does not understand, “the way of a ship on the high seas” caught my thinking. So many movies involving ships come to mind: Titanic, Captain Phillips, Darkest Hour pop into mind. I must admit that I marvel at how they sail the seas without a mountain to steer by. You see, I learned to drive on the Los Angeles freeway and I always knew which way I was going because the mountains surrounding the area were landmarks. I never learned to trust a compass as it seems magical and the position of the North Star is somehow different south of the equator than north and for sure just the time I need it, a cloud covers the sky! Like the writer of Proverbs, I must admit I do not understand the way of a ship on high seas.

Life feels a bit like that now. We are living in a time of multiple opinions on how to protect ourselves from the virus and how to reopen to a “new normal.” Political opinions tear us apart about how to live out our beliefs in “democracy.” Social chaos was stage-front this week as I watched the riots in Minneapolis over the tragic death of a young black man. We lived in Minneapolis an walked those streets.  I cry out to the Lord that the North Star is not shining as the clouds of doubt cover mountains, compass and stars.

It is appropriate that tomorrow is Pentecost when we celebrate the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes to the disciples who cowerd in fear in a room in the midst of people from multiple nations and in the aftermath of a cruel and brutal crucifixion. The Spirit hovers over those people giving them courage to speak, words to communicate, and works that gradually change the world. As we again turn to the Holy Spirit tomorrow as our source of direction and inspiration for the works that testify to the reality of our beliefs, I pray with our readings that others will marvel at the God that helps us navigate on the seas of life. Blessings as we wait to worship tomorrow.

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