We wake up this morning to scenes of protestors, burning, police, and social upheaval followed by reports on illness followed by weather of the anticipated heat wave by Wednesday. On the news this morning I saw pictures of the riots last night in some of the cities where my children live. But as this continues I also noticed people of good will, finding their voice to speak the truth without violence. I turned to reading Proverbs 1 for June 1. I have always thought of Proverbs as mostly speaking about avoiding “the loose woman” or being “foolish” but reading the first chapter today in the light of rioters, boarded up windows, destroyed shops and so many lives ruined and thrown into chaos, I bring different concerns to God’s word.  It seems to me that verses 8 to 19 cries out against the temptation to be involved in stealing, looting, and vandalism. In the face of injustice and in the shadow of Pentecost , I plead for the fire of the Holy Spirit and cry out with George Floyd, “I can’t breathe.” Lord, breathe on me and my world with your Spirit that we can release vengeance to you for you promise to repay. Breathe on us your Spirit to turn the other cheek, to forgive, and to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer.

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