“Choice, not chance, determines destiny. (Unknown) Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve … as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24: 15).” Proverbs 9 presents us with choice today. Two women, Wisdom and Folly, are at the top of the city inviting us into a banquet they have prepared. They call to the simple to come in and eat. Wisdom’s banquet of delicacies will result in understanding, lengthening of days and years. Folly also calls to the simple offering “stolen water” and “food eaten in secrecy.” Her guests fail to realize the people in the house are the dead. The person is simple and must make a choice. Neither hostess demands we enter. The choice is ours. While I realize some choices are forced upon us by life, no one chooses illness or riots or death, how we respond to situations determines our destiny. Whether we choose to respond with love and not hate, with forgiveness and not bitterness, with concerns for the other as well as our goals, all determines the destiny, the outcome of our lives. As we start our days with prayer, meditation, reflection, being in the Word, we tune our hearts to the choices we will need to make today. I doubt which jam we choose or which shirt we wear is that important but other choices touch our values and that is important. As you make choices today, may you her the voice of Wisdom and the Holy Spirit calling you in to their banquet. Blessings.

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