“Man is unjust, but God is just; and finally justice triumphs. (Henry W. Longfellow) Do you want justice? Don’t fawn on the judge, but ask the Lord for it! (Prov. 29:26)” Wow, were these authors born centuries apart, in different parts of the world, one a writer and one a king, looking down the spyglass of time and seeing 2020? I am shocked as I wake this morning and read all the blurbs that come through news and email about demands for justice. I turned to Proverbs 12 for June 12 and did not find anything further about justice as such and I realize that trusting justice to a God that cannot be seen and trusting that He is working towards a future resolution of the injustice I feel so strongly now, is a hard pill to swallow. As the news talks about racial injustice, or perceived political injustice, as friends talk about the unfairness of walking with a partner with Alzheimer’s (“I never thought life would be like this. It is so hard!), as my daughter has to face the fear of infection from the virus to get a job, my heart cries. Trusting God is not easy. Perhaps that is why we talk about faith. This Sunday we talk about Jesus empowering his disciples, which means us, with his ministry of healing and presence. “The kingdom of heaven has come near,” but is not yet fully realized. We live in that tension. We live with the injustice and do our best, in the way God has gifted us, to bring peace and justice to others but ultimately “God is just” and we must turn to Him. As we lay our concerns, our cries, our wounds, our hopes and our needs on His alter today, may we relax and know He is listening and acting in ways we cannot see, for everyone.

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