Apple of Your Eye

“Keep me as the apple of your (God’s) eye,” (Psalm 17:8) intrigued me this morning after reading Proverbs 17 for June 17. “Apple of the eye” is actually an English idiom used by Shakespeare about 1590 and made famous in the King James translation of the Bible in 1611. It seems to refer to the pupil, but may mean the whole eyeball. The idiom is used about five times in the Old Testament and is a plea for God to keep focus on the person praying who is struggling. In Psalm 17 David is feeling surrounded by enemies, misunderstood, perhaps outnumbered. David pleas that he has tried to follow the Lord as best he knew how with an honest heart and faithful speech. He contrasts being the apple of God’s eye with the eyes of the great lion crouching and watching to catch and devour his prey. Wow. He pleas for God’s focus to help, not the enemy’s focus to devour and destroy. Perhaps today we feel surrounded by giant lions: racism, poverty, injustice, disease, loneliness, or perhaps misunderstanding. How comforting to know that God sees through all our masks to the real intents of our heart, understands the fears that plague us, and heals the wounds that scar us. He focuses on us for our good and keeps us as the “apple of his eye.” He’s not crouching in a bush but walking beside us. Thank you, Lord. Blessings on your day as you walk with Him!

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