Two blind men sat by the roadside. I imagine their hands were out and their ears alert. Jesus, the disciples, an the crowd passed by. The two men must have needed to ask what the commotion was about. When hearing that it was Jesus, they both started yelling, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us.” (Matthew 20:29,30)

We sit by the roadside of life this morning, waiting for the day to unfold. Are we aware of our blind spots, ways we tend to see reality unrealistically, perhaps through tinted glasses of our own experiences. Tomorrow we will hear Jesus’ charge to his disciples not to be blind but to look realistically. Fear the one who can rob your soul, not kill your body.        People told our blind men that Jesus was near. In our areas of blindness we need others to help us hear the truth, Jesus is passing by. The two men raised their voices. Today we call that prayer. These men knew they needed help and they knew that help came from Jesus. But what did they ask for? They asked for mercy. They asked for compassion. They asked for help for their blindness. I ponder what our request is today. Can I identify my blind spots? Do I have friends that reflect honestly the reality around me? Am I humble enough to ask for mercy? All good questions for reflection as you start the day. The truth: Jesus is here. Others can help us identify our blind spots. Mercy and compassion are at the heart of God. Lord, open my eyes to see the day through your eyes! Blessings.

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