“It is written…”

Luke 4:17 tells of Jesus entering the synagogue of his hometown, Nazareth, being handed the scroll of Isaiah and finding the place where “it is written.” My mind grabbed this phrase and immediately pondered which movie I had heard it from, making it famous. Going to the internet that knows all (???) I discovered there is an international TV channel called It Is Written done by the Seventh Day Adventist. Slumdog Millionaire also has it in its credits so giving hope to many born in the slums that life can get better. But Quora found my memory:

“It was originally a quote from Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments, and the statement meant: I said this with my authority as absolute ruler. Therefore my minions will write it down as law, remember it, and enforce it. The movie achieved almost total penetration of American culture so that the phrase entered the vernacular as a way         of semi-ironically affirming that you really mean the thing who you just   ordered…’so let it be written, so let it be done.’”

The fact that something is written down and recorded gives added credibility to the speaker. Can you hear yourself saying, Now where did I read, where was it written? Jesus did not quote from memory but “found the place where it is written,” adding authority to what he was about to say.

On Sundays, after our confession/forgiveness, the unloading of our hearts as we enter holy time and space, we do introductory praise but then we start with reading Scripture, reading “where it is written,” and the preacher normally speaks on those writings. We even stand for the reading of the Gospel, showing respect that the Gospel are the words of Christ. Jesus is the “living word”, “the Word made flesh” and is somehow alive in the written word.

So how does that impact my life today? When was the last time when I searched God’s word for “where it is written” for guidance for an issue I was facing? Do I believe with the Pharaoh that the written word is there with the authority of the God of the universe and with full expectation that I obey? Hmmmm. My husband and I debate about “law” as rules to be enforced or guidelines to be followed. How we understand the tone perhaps reflects on how we understand the character of the person speaking. The pharaoh speaks with command in his voice but I try to focus on a God who speaks with love in his voice as his written words are giving us advise on how to have an abundant life. Lord, let us hear your word and focus on your love today. Blessings.

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