Words of Freedom

July 4th stirs up many memories of tail-gate dinners at the Rose Bowl with friends while we waited to watch fireworks over the walls, free for us peons! Bar-b-ques of strips of meat “off the bone” in Kenya and hot dogs and hamburgers in the USA. Patriotic music Is on the radio. Our family tradition is to watch Independence Day and one of our favorite lines we love to banter between us comes near the end when Will Smith gets the direction backwards for flying the space craft, “Ooops, let’s try that again.” Countered with, “We have got to work on our communication skills!”

I read Luke 4:14-21 this morning and focused on the verbs used by Isaiah and quoted by Jesus as fulfilled, “preach and proclaim.” My heart pondered what words of July 4th have deeply impacted my life. Immediately the Boston Tea Party came to mind, not the Declaration of Independence! “No taxation without representation.” Those words speak to me in ways that assure me that I, a nobody, cannot be erased from the political scene and legislated against without me having the opportunity to represent myself. The words for Isaiah give a similar message. All of us who do not have health, wealth, power, talent – all that the world values – are not erased from God’s view. I do not have to represent myself for the God of the universe has remembered me and acted for my “freedom,” “independence” from sin, and my eternal security. I will one day appear in God’s presence and will certainly have to confess that, “Oooops, I got the directions backwards” but I will also fall on my knees and request “to work on our communication skills.” Then I will have done as Proverbs 4:23 advises, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Blessings as you celebrate today!

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