“Because.” “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach…(Luke 4: 18)” Because is the word that jumped out to me this morning. My first thought was that “because” signals cause and effect. Jesus needed a special anointing to preach. I flipped over to Proverbs 6 as today is July 6 where the writer links many things together, ants’ industriousness without a leader gather and eat, sluggards without work come to poverty, scoundrels inherit calamity, and adultery inherits wrath. Not once are cause and effect linked by “because.” Yet mentally I put in “because.”

The dictionary says “because” “introduces a word or phrase that stands for a cause expressing an explanation of reason.” A picture of Luke 4:18 comes to mind of the Spirit of God with a jar of oil, pouring it over a head, much as Samuel anointed David to be king at some future date. July 4th “Sleepless in Seattle” played on TV and love was experienced as a “magical” moment when two people touched hands and “knew” they were meant for each other. The Holy Spirit anoints us and we just know we are suppose to…. marry, follow a profession, do a certain deed. Because can signal an inspirational moment when something pops into existence that was not foreseen before.

But it could it also be an explanation for a reality that is the outgrowth of internal reality. Because Jesus is God and is in unity with the Holy Spirit and because it is the very nature of God to communicate and love, Jesus is in this passage declaring the it is the very nature of God to reach out to those struggling.

How does this apply to us today. I suspect often we wait for a “magical” moment when we feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to do some deed. We debate over calling someone on the phone or sharing an experience of God working in our lives. As we go through today, may we be aware that the Spirit within us, by the Spirit’s very nature, longs to bubble forth and bless those around us. It isn’t magic, it is the heart of God reaching out through us. Help me be aware today of your Spirit moving in my life. Blessings.

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