What is your favorite dessert? Ice cream sounds pretty nice on these hot days. But then if I have to pick a flavor, I am slowed down because I like many flavors. Luke 4:19 says Jesus came to “proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” “Year of the Lord’s favor” is only cross referenced to Luke who quotes Isaiah but the word “favor” is common in Scripture. “Noah found favor in the sight of the Lord” and so he and his whole family were saved in the flood! Lot found favor with the angels and so did not have to flee to the hills but only to the closest town to escape judgment. Jacob did not find favor with Laban and ended up fleeing with his wives and children. Finding favor is a huge thing. It feels to me like finding love and approval and blessing. I suspect we all need that, not just from friends and loved ones, not just from government and ruling authorities but also from God. Jesus came proclaiming “the year of the Lord’s favor.” God’s favor is not momentary but stretches out. Our family likes to sit around the table on Dec. 31 and take a piece of paper, write down the twelve months and then see how many blessings we can remember for each month. How easy we forget. When we pull out our planners, it is amazing how many good things happen in a week, a month, and especially a year. Take a moment today to rejoice over the blessings you have experienced recently. Jesus came to proclaim a year of God’s favor! Blessings.

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