“Sight” is a point of struggle for me right now. Yes the mask over the nose and mouth fogs the glasses and impairs my ability to look down as I already have the tendency to stumble and not lift up my feet is irritating. So seeing is just frustrating. Jesus came to proclaim “recovery of sight to the blind. Luke 4: I suspect Jesus was not a medical vision specialist. And I am convinced he did not have all the fancy equipment that is used on me for diagnosis and check ups. No, he could not have been talking about the health of the eyeball that processes sight.

The second thought that comes to mind is our saying, “The eyes are the window to the soul,” supposedly said by William Shakespeare. By looking into someone’s eyes, I can tell something sbout their feelings? That has always baffled me as I probably read smiles and frowns more accurately. Blind people have feelings but I suspect they do not use eyes to convey them.

I am going to go with the conventional understanding that faith allows us to not only see the world as it is physically but it also allows us to see the potential because of the spiritual dimension. I look at my child and can envision the wonderful person the child will become and the budding talents that will bless our world. I look at a friend with love not because of what I see but because of a combination of factors including who the person has been to me, physical attractiveness perhaps, and belief in the other. Sight envisions the future yet to unfold, sees the scars of the past and helps us navigate the present.

But Jesus is preaching recovery of sight. Our sight can be damaged by sin. I must look past the terrible scars of fire, disease, war and pain to see the beauty that is before me in any arena. Hope is impacted by how I understand my world. If I see life as bleak and with no purpose, then I am essentially blind. Jesus restores hope, restores faith, offers forgiveness and helps us learn to see beyond the surface. I do not know what visual challenges you will face today, whether it is a dark future, a fearful outing in Covid, a lonely day sheltering with the TV or what. But I do know that I do know that Jesus preached hope for a better tomorrow and that we will be better people with him walking into that future. He holds us in his hands, holds the future and sends his Holy Spirit to help us see. Blessings.

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