“Sent,” Luke 4:18 says that the Spirit of the Lord “sent” the prophet with a message that Jesus claims was fulfilled in him. Proverbs 17, the proverb for today, says in verse 2, “A wise servant will rule over a disgraceful son, and will share the inheritance as one of the brothers.” This morning I sat on the little porch of our room and enjoyed the early morning breeze from the ocean. The heat was not oppressive, the seagulls were flying and squawking, and people were beginning to walk to the beach about 6:15. One thing was missing. My daughter was “sent” to the grocery yesterday to get a few things as the cupboard of the cottage was bare. No creamer for the morning cup of coffee. The creamer made it to her house a few blocks away and I sat watching people carrying their cup of coffee to watch the sunrise.

The faithfulness of the person sent is a big thing, creamer is not. I could have toughened it out without creamer and I did enjoy the early morning and I am not upset with my daughter but… the word “sent” jumped out at me. A wise servant becomes equal to the brothers. Proverbs has a lot to say about wisdom. So how is a servant wise when “sent”? Using my situations, the servant does not argue with the master and point out that most people like coffee black and that creamer is made of artificial chemicals. The servant trusts the wishes of the master. The servant is timely. I think that the servant does not think about when the master wants to use the creamer or how, just fulfills the request. I am guessing the servant does not get two bottles of creamer, pocketing one and returning the other to the master, knowing the master has entrusted him with the cost of the request. The master may not be determining where the path of fulfillment ie whether the servant goes to the corner shop or to the big supermarket. The servant goes in a timely and efficient way.

“Sent” actually implies many things about the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Isaiah or Jesus or us. As disciples we are “sent ones, messengers.” We are entrusted with a message, with instructions about how to treat those we meet along the way, and given power to execute our task. The master does not define “who” or “when” but merely asks us to share the good news that the kingdom of heaven is near. To love and forgive those we interact with. To be humble, obedient and faithful. I do not know where God is sending you today as his servant and what challenges or thieves you will meet along your path but I do know God trusts us to do a task, to be his rep wherever we are. And I do believe that if we are wise, God knows, rewards and cares. Blessings as you go about your tasks today.

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