For thirty days we have read Luke 4:14-21. What new way will God touch my heart today? As I read through, I noted today that Jesus when he arrived in Nazareth, his home town, went to the synagogue on the Sabbath as was his custom, BUT he was “handed” the scroll of Isaiah and then he found the prophecy and said, “Today this is fulfilled,” and sat down. He did not ask for the scroll but when handed it, he knew (I do remember he is called The Word) it well enough to find and apply…fulfill.

Today we will be “handed” challenges of many sorts. Here in Florida, I will meet friends, see their homes, travel back to Cocoa Beach and meditate on all the “he-said, she-saids” of the day. But what I am “handed” is not out of the periphery of God’s knowledge and love. Today is not random. Last week I read in my devotional that prophecy is not the future cemented in place and forced upon us like a dictate. We are not robots. But it is more like the sense of today’s reading. We are handed a day and as we open it, we find the hand of God working and fulfilling his love and desire for us, freedom, recovery, release, and the year of the Lord’s favor.

I do not know what we will find as we walk into the happenings of today, but I do believe God knows what is coming as he walks before us helping us forge a path, walks beside us as our friend who knows our feels, and goes behind us cleaning up our messes and guarding our backside. I pray that as this unfolds we can sit down and say, “Lord, thank you for helping me fulfill your will for me today.”

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