Too much and too little

“Two things I ask of you, O Lord…(Prov. 30:7)” Yup, we are back to Proverbs 30 and this bit of wisdom always grabs my heart. What two things does the writer request? He does not want to be too rich lest he forget that God is his first priority and his source of blessing. He does not want to be too poor so that he is tempted to steal his daily bread (Les Miserables), not trusting God to provide. He also asks that falsehood and lies be kept far from him. Perhaps these three things draw us away from God as our first priority. When we are so content we forget our creator. When we are so needy, we offend our creator. When we are so deceived, we do not recognize our creator. Riches, want, and deceit draw us away from truth. Our blessings come from God. God walks with us in our time of need. Lies convince us that we can be God and control our lives as seen in the Garden of Eden. The truth is that life works best when God is our first priority. Blessings as you weave through the temptations of today. May you not “disown” your maker nor “dishonor” Him.

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