“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him. (James 1:5)” What a beautiful promise. I am never without a place to turn when I despair.

King David of old seems to have known this verse as Psalm 19 (today is the 19th) overflows with praise. Interestingly he opens by comparing God’s presence, his glory, to the heavens. My husband and I often close our day by sitting on the porch, enjoying the heavens, and praying. But I think of the heavens as somehow silent, witnessing indeed to the vastness of the universe but not “speaking wisdom.” David looks at the heavens and they symbolize to him God’s universal ability in all languages as the heavens cover all, God’s universal presence with all people as the heavens are present with all, and God’s stability, dependability, as daily the sun and moon make their journeys through the sky. David goes on to explode with praise for God’s law: reviving, trustworthy, bringing joy, giving light, enduring, righteous, precious, sweet, and rewarding.

I know what it feels like to “lack” not only wisdom but so much of what the world values, especially as age takes its toll. What comfort to know that God gives generously without me having to fill out forms, remember my identifying numbers, or pass tests. I suspect God gives because it is his nature to give even as we love to bless children and grandchildren. Then the verse says, God gives, but like David’s picture of the heavens, I envision God giving even to those who are not asking but are under his heavens and shining his sunlight even on the unmasking. It is hard to imagine a being that generous and it is far easier to think of a disciplinarian like parents. It is good to be reminded that we are free to ask a God who is present always and willing to give always. What do you need to bring to the Lord today? Blessings.

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