From shadows to light

God is not a shifting shadow, changing with each decade and each fade that grabs our attention. My friend went into eye surgery yesterday morning, practically blind, and by the afternoon could see better than she has ever seen. She could read the eye chart. As she said, “It is a miracle of God!” We rejoiced together. The eye must heal now and she will have to put eye drops in and be careful, wear an eye shield at night for a week, avoid water in the eye but she can see. What a gift. I still am rejoicing in that reality.
How much is my life like that. I believe and receive God’s help but I must live into that reality. Tomorrow we will hear Peter, after declaring Jesus is the Messiah, the son of the living God, and being affirmed by Christ that on that amount of faith, God will build his church, that Peter gets it all wrong because he thinks he can have a messiah without a cross. We want to see but learning to use the vision we are given is a journey. God does not change but we learn to understand what our vision means. I see the cruelty of people but I must learn how God wants me to respond. I feel the disappointment of immature children or husband but I must learn how to forgive and persevere. The promise of the stability and predictability of God is a great comfort in a world that debates everything and tosses like a wave of the sea driven by the winds of people whims.
As you tackle your challenges today, may you hear his voice saying, I am with you. Blessings.

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