Have you ever looked in the mirror, groaned, and realized you are going to have a “bad hair day”?  It could be the white hair, the circles under the eyes, or the sagging jowls.  Then again it could be the reminder that eyes have a problem or skin.  Hand mirrors even help see our backside and those places we do not normally see.  James says that reading the Word is like looking in a mirror but if we walk away either forgetting the warning that we are very tired, need to check in with the doctor or the gym, and blithely go about our business, we have missed the warning and been unwise.  During trials, gathering advice, reading books or whatever we do, is pointless if we do not have a heart to listen.  The mirror is not bad.  It only reflects an image but it is our heart that interprets that reflection and acts or ignores.  God’s word speaks the truth to us with eternal principles and James says that the person who looks at the truth, ponders and absorbs, applies and doesn’t forget will find freedom and blessing.  So often we think the law, or the Word, is the problem by being too strict or uncompassionate but it what goes on in my head, how I process truth that makes the difference.  May we look into God’s word today non-defensively, looking intently, reflecting kindly with ourselves and see the loving face of God trying to lead us.  Blessings as you go about your day.  Don’t forget what you saw in the mirror of God’s word this morning.  He cares!

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